We offer the service of further training for staff and group. The training is according to the customer's requirements within the framework of technology and administration from first-class European companies. The course can be intensive or long period according to customer's request.


Exhibition Services

 We can accompany you to trade fairs throughout Germany. Our company offers various services such as: B Contact with the fair, setting up the exhibition, reception, vehicle, catering, etc.


Business Support

We offer accompaniment of business negotiations, translations, processing of documents throughout Europe. Our company works together with German lawyers. We can help you with all business activities!


Market Research

Market environment research, market research, market opportunity research, consumers and consumer demand, company products, product prices, social factors, natural factors, sales channels, etc.


Service Outsourcing of Automotive Engineering Design

In combination with the world-class automotive design team in Europe, it can design and develop car body and chassis components




Our company has developed well in ten years. We comply with German standards in hardware and software, plan carefully and offer the best service. We combine our modern management concepts with the current situations in different countries, so that we can offer the best service in practice. The following companies have praised our cooperation:




ZF Shanghai Streeting Company


Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd, RD Center in Germany


Shanghai Dragon Cooperation


Beiqi Benz International Purchasing Department


Government in Taichang


IBM branch in Beijing