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As an innovative, dynamic European general agent for high-end products, we have been successfully active in Germany for more than 12 years. We and our partners supply our European customers with a large number of high-quality, low-price products every year, which are recognized and highly praised by customers. We are a bridge for our customers and our partners to communicate and collaborate efficiently. We not only supply products for customers, but also support customers in design and R&D. We hope to be your reputable supplier


Our service offers you the advantages of cost-effective and fast procurement from the original manufacturer and protects the resources in your company.


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FKM FFKM Compound

Rubber Compound Specialist

Precision Aluminum Alloy

High-precision, ultra-flat aluminum plates

Industry leader

Beryllium Copper Alloy


in der Beryllium Copper Industry

Personal, Creative, Harmonious



With corporate philosophy, Euren is committed to sustainability. It is our mission to create high quality, innovative products

in line with our economic and social values.