We are industry pioneers and market leaders for Heat Resistant High Strength Aluminum Alloy and Precision Aluminum Alloy Plate in China. The innovative 211Z aluminum alloy material and HCP 5A83 series aluminum alloy precision plate, after years of technical precipitation and market development, have established a dominant position in the international market, creating competitive advantages and high cost advantages in the three main indicators of mechanical properties, processing accuracy and dimensional stability. Currently they are represented on the European market and are used in many areas.

The company has more than 240 national invention patents, 5 international patents, 2 national standards of originality, 9 new aluminum alloy material number, 211Z aluminum alloy, and its specialized and specially processed serialized original core technology products have won China's most important new product certificates; it has provincial academic jobs and engineering technology research centers and R&D team of more than 60 people.







We have a variety of CNC machining equipment

to create a strong machining capacity for parts.








Low pressure and gravity casting machines

with an annual production capacity

of more than 200,000 pieces

Precision aluminum plate HCP 5A83

The HCP 5A83 ultra-flat precision plate is a very good quality cast aluminum plate. At present, its market share in China's ultra-precision aluminum plate industry is nearly 70%. It has been used in many areas, e.g. B. in new energy vehicles, optical instruments, automation equipment, medical equipment, mold making, etc., and has also been used in some large international manufacturing companies.


HCP 5A83 precision aluminum plate has good thermal shock resistance, and the hardness remains almost unchanged after being held at a high temperature of 300 degrees Celsius for 2 hours. Excellent corrosion resistance and welding performance. Ultra-low residual stress and isotropic homogeneity solve the problem of machining deformation. After fine grinding, the aluminum plate has an ultra-flat surface on both sides and is provided with protective film on both sides. Besides regular size, we can customize the size of aluminum plate products according to customer needs.


The quality of our products has reached a world-class level, which can be compared with the related products from Alimex, AMAG, Constelium, Gleich, at the same time, the prices of our products are more competitive. Our products are also the only products in China that can be exported to USA, Europe and Japan.

Super flatness


Ultra small thickness tolerance


Custom panel size and thickness


High temperature resistance


Innovative aluminum alloy 211Z

Innovative new material Cast aluminum 211Z is a new type of aluminum alloy material developed on the basis of 2-series aluminum alloys. It has the characteristics of high strength and high toughness. As aluminum casting, its tensile strength can reach 450Mpa~540Mpa, at the same time, its temperature resistance is very good, and it can guarantee the strength of more than 300Mpa at 250 degrees Celsius. It can therefore replace many cast iron and forged aluminum parts in lightweight truck construction. Currently it is applied to truck chassis components in China. As an alternative component, it can greatly reduce the weight of trucks, such as truck wheel rim, wheel hub, differential housing and other parts that require high strength.